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Written by Joan Tennille

This is the team that does it all.  To each discipline in which they participate, they add their own unique and special touch.  To watch this team at work or at play is pure joy.  The videos fail to show the electricity between the two.  Every live performance I have experienced with this team has this remarkable illusion, to enliven the space around and between them.  There is electricity, a sense of the drama of the moment.  The movement design, as they move through the space, creates an image of one.  This is the picture of joy and the harmonious relationship mentioned in the definition.  It is that moment when artistic expression and technical execution are in perfect balance with music and effective choreography.  It is only experienced in live performance and it heightens the spectators understanding of the depth of their relationship. 

I am honored to have had this team in my freestyle classes.   Through their choreography and performances, they have shared their joy of training and we are richer by celebrating with them the wonders of their relationship.  They have always been willing to participate in demonstrations and to be available when needed to assist or teach when and where needed.  Betty was selected as a CFF Judge in 2001.           

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