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Written by Mary Sullivan

Claire, Joan’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was with Joan from the very beginning of Canine Freestyle, co-creating the sport with Joan.  In this particular video, Joan and Claire illustrate the beauty and elegance of a simple, well choreographed Veterans performance.  In addition, this performance illustrates Joan’s talent as a trained dancer, choreographer, and dog trainer.   Because of Joan’s position as cofounder, judge, choreographer extraordinaire and teacher of almost every student of CFF today, Joan did not compete with Claire because she believed it was unethical to do so.   Therefore, Claire has no fancy freestyle tiles after her name, and those new to freestyle may have no idea that Joan even has a dog perfectly capable of a competition  Level IV freestyle work.   Claire and Joan accomplished together what all the rest of us have benefited from (and will for years to come)….the creation of Canine Freestyle and the Canine Freestyle Federation.  

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