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Written by Joan Tennille

This team was an early member of the pioneer group that moved CFF and the original concept of Canine Freestyle from demonstration activity to the actual discipline in the sport of dogs.  Although Jag was a Freestyler for a short time his presentations artistically expressed mutual trust and inter-active attention.  This is the team that created the word inter-active attention.  The choreography showcased Jag’s power and accuracy.  In contrast, Wendy’s gentle and exquisite handling enhanced his movement perfectly.  Together, they presented an image of one.  They moved as one, delighted to be working together. 

Jag was my 15th Freestyle choreography. The conceptual training method used in CFF training classes was inspired by several dogs and Jag was one.   Wendy and Jag were original members of the first Canine Freestyle class ever in 1994. Together with ten other teams we explored the possibilities and the discipline of Canine Freestyle was developed.  It included technical training, experience in performing artistically, and creative improvisations leading to choreography.  Sharing the vision became an entity.  Thank you, Wendy and Jag.  In 1997 Wendy was selected as the third CFF judge.  Wendy served on the original CFF Board.  She has taught Freestyle classes and continues to train and celebrate dog work with her dogs in CFF titling events.  

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