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Written by Joan Tennille

I met Alison when I was choreographing Terri and Stride, Dee Dee Rose and Sparkle, Celeste Meade and Ryder, and Janice  Demello and her Border Collies, Widget and Juicer.  An injury to Jay Jay prevented Alison from inclusion in the original group.  It wasn’t until months later, I finally had the opportunity to see this team present their own freestyle choreography.  They were lovely.  Their trust and commitment to each other was clearly evident as they moved as one effortlessly and smoothly, travelling a long diagonal line across the performance space.  It was captivating.  The harmony and the synchronization of their footwork and the delight they had in one another.  It was mesmerizing to all who watched.  This will always be my memory of this team.  Jay Jay was with us   all to short a time.  But he is one of our pioneer dogs and he and Alison will always be remembered for setting the standard for expressing the harmony and trust that is CFF Freestyle. 

Alison is the co-founder of CFF.  She and Jay Jay were members of the original group that demonstrated this new discipline.  They were important to the development of our sport.

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