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Written by Joan Tennille

Throughout their freestyle career this team best exemplifies   “To show your dog to his best advantage in a creative and artistic manner”.  Their presentations were always inventive and innovative.  Their timing was phenomenal.  They shared and celebrated every time they performed”.  As their training skill and movement vocabulary increased, so did the crafting of their choreography.  This team changed our sport and opened the door for greater creativity and artistic expression.  They were a perfect match.  There was a balance of energy.  They trusted each other and their performances showed this in so many inventive ways. 

As most Hall of Fame dogs, this team was always willing to share with others by performance and teaching. Their fame extended to Australia with the inclusion of a performance on a video on    Parsons Jack Russell Terriers.  Kay was editor of CFF’s “Paws to Dance” and she was selected as a CFF judge in 2001.     

Every instructor waits for the day they open a door for a student creatively and technically and to take the material and make it uniquely theirs. Kay was that student for me.  Thanks to this team we all grew. 


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