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 Written by Joan Tennille

I have choreographed many dogs, since I first introduced Canine Freestyle in October, 1993.  After the choreography and training are completed, the choreography is given to the performers.  The choreography is now theirs to share and to celebrate with others, the joy of dog work.  In performance this team took my definition of Freestyle and made it alive.  Their presentations of this particular choreography have always had a magical effect upon spectators here and all over the world.  Videos and DVD’s of this particular performance have travelled the world.  It was an honor to have been the choreographer for this 2 and ½ pound dynamo. 
 I have choreographed over 300 dogs, Susan Colledge and Misha, were #10.  This choreography was first presented at the 2nd AKC National Obedience Competition in June 1996.  This team involves the entire audience in their presentation.  What a fantastic duo, dynamics, crispness, clear lines, balance, harmony, artistry, what fun!  It is a celebration of dog work;   the training, the teamwork, the mutual trust, the image of one and the pure delight to be together.  For all of her life she was a show stopper.  As Gene Kelly once said in a movie “that’s entertainment”.

Misha and Susan have always responded”yes” when asked to travel to help demo, judge, teach.  They are team players and together they established the Misha Guild in Utah.  In 2003 Susan was selected as a CFF Judge.                                 

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