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Written by Joan Tennille

Mary and Cajun were members of the original CFF freestyle class, in 1995.  By the second class, every eye was on them.  Cajun and Mary were a delight to have in a training class.  They brought a unique spontaneity to everything they did. Perhaps, it was Cajun” toothy grin, a constant, whenever he performed.  Maybe it was Mary’s intuitive ability to create memorable movement designs that stayed in your memory and savored long after the choreography was finished. 

Moving together with harmony, creating an image of one, rhythmically and dynamically, they were an unbeatable team.They took technical skills and stretched them to the limit creatively and artistically.They set the standards for the positive judging criteria used by CFF.  Mary’s choreography and choice of music for Cajun gave, by performance, the validation needed by a new discipline in the sport of dogs. This team did not have the opportunity to earn the coveted CFF Champion title.  It didn’t exist then. However, they will always be to me and many others the first champions of the new discipline Canine Freestyle. 

Mary was the CFF reporter for “Front and Finish” for over 10 years. She and Marge Hetrick chaired the first 2 CFF retreats and she served on the CFF board as the Education chai and she was one of the first judges selected by CFF.      


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