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Written by Joan Tennille

Signature’s Carbon Copy a.k.a. Tracer follows in the footsteps of two other exceptional Belgians. Acer, his sire, is showcased in the 1st Federation Sampler and Mary Sullivan’s first Freestyle dog Cajun is an early member to the Federation’s Hall of Fame. When Tracer arrived at Mary Sullivan’s home, the question was “Can Tracer reach his potential and meet the expectations to perform with the athleticism and dynamic presence of the two freestyle Belgians preceding him.

Tracer’s debut presentation was in Level II at the Show in Alexandria, Virginia. Mary’s choreography was difficult but clearly showed Tracer advantageously. He was quick, accurate and dynamically attuned to his partner expressing their oneness and joy in working together. That was the beginning and to date Tracer has earned placements and titles at each level. In 2009, he earned his Championship and joined 4 others to earn Championships, the Federation’s highest title. Tracer has been awarded the High artistic award 6 times; the first in 2004 and the last in 2009 when he won it on both Saturday and Sunday. To maintain the level of performance required in Level IV and to earn your championship in two days is remarkable; to accomplish high artistic on successive days is extraordinary. Tracer has retired the High Artistic Trophy twice. Mary and Tracer continue to reach for the stars


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