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Written by Joan Tennille

Tugger and Verne were originals.  They were a unique pair, and they fit together just like the song “With a Wink and a Smile”.    They were always ready to help, either to demo or teach or to just be the cheerleaders for this new discipline.  They were just what a new discipline needs.  They showcased Canine Freestyle with gusto.  As a team, they always presented their imaginative choreography with energy and enthusiasm.  They travelled with the CFF demo teams to 4 AKC Obedience Championships, the 5 day Kentuckian Cluster, The Boston Shows, and up and down the East Coast whenever or wherever they travelled they were ready to freestyle.  I asked Verne to tell me about Tugger.  Here is what she said.
“If Tugger were a musical instrument, he would have been the brass section or perhaps the drums; brash, loud, and versatile.  Were he a car, he would have been a 1960’s M.G.; small, flashy, fast and maneuverable.  If he had been a movie star, in another life, he would have been Robin Williams.  He had the ability to ad lib.  He was quick on his feet as well as in his mind.  He was certainly entertaining and he always made me smile.  These traits gave him a talent for freestyle that begged to be nurtured.  His motto in life was”Let’s go””. 

And they did.  There was Water work, tracking, flyball, conformation and herding, but he came into his own with Freestyle.  I chose this video example of Tugger because there is such enthusiasm and delight.  Tugger liked to talk.  The choreography reminds me of the fun and delight this team brought to freestyle along with imagination and inventiveness

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