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  - What is Canine Freestyle?

Canine Freestyle is a choreographed performance organized with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of a dog and handler team.

Watch for the dog to be moving to the beat of the music and look for the relationship between the dog and handler. You will see graceful and intricate movements performed with precision and artistry. Every movement is accomplished through the subtle use of verbal cues and body language. The emphasis is always on the dog, with the handler completing the team creating a harmonious whole. In Freestyle the performance of every team will be different, presented to different music and sharing an intimate view of the working relationship between dog and handler.

Freestyle is also an excellent discipline to illustrate the conformation and movement of the dog. The reach, drive and beauty of an athletic, trained dog moving to music can take one’s breath away.

Read More about Canine Freestyle -- The Challenge

The Canine Freestyle Federation, Inc. (CFF) is an international organization dedicated to defining and developing the sport of Canine Freestyle and providing the structure necessary to offer competitions and demonstrations. Canine Freestyle has evolved from traditional obedience and the musical kur (freestyle) of equine dressage. Freestyle expands the sport of obedience by broadening the scope of dog training and adding an artistic element through the inclusion of music and choreography. Freestyle encourages originality and creativity, and develops audiences through spectator appeal. Freestyle promotes responsible dog ownership by presenting a positive image to the general public and encourages and promotes the value of dog training. CFF will:

  • Develop and maintain rules and judging regulations
  • Publish a newsletter to disseminate information
  • Offer individual memberships
  • Provide educational materials and support for competitors, management and judges
  • Maintain event and placement records Promote demonstrations for their entertainment and therapy value
  • Encourage the formation of local Freestyle clubs or groups

The Canine Freestyle Federation Inc (CFF) is an international not-for-profit organization run by volunteers and is in no way associated with any other canine freestyle organization or group. The use, reproduction, copying, transmission or dissemination of articles, descriptions, pictures or other material on this web site is prohibited without the express written permission of CFF. Request for permission to use this material should be sent to the CFF Directors. CFF was Founded 1995, and Incorporated 1996.
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