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Each year the Canine Freestyle Federation Board of Directors has addressed the conferring of titles for exhibiting teams at a CFF Competition. At the October 31, 2001, meeting the Board approved offering titles beginning at the March 2002 trial and make the awarding of titles retroactive for the October 2001 Competition for the following reasons:

1. The quality of training and choreographic skill of exhibitors has improved especially over the last two years. This is the result of the CFF method of teaching and training. This methodology is structured to meet all the elements required by the rules technically, creatively and artistically.

2. Entries have increased slightly.  However, each year there are new exhibitors trained in the CFF style entering the lower levels. The October competition had over 90% of the choreography created by the individual exhibitors and not an outside choreographer.

3. The completion of the Judges Book, the development of criteria for the selection of judges, organizing the method for judges training, and the change in the score sheet has brought a greater consistency to the judging seen.

4. CFF's method of positive scoring needs both judges to be scoring reasonably close to one other (O.5-1.5). In the past, each judge scored a different element, either artistic or technical, and there was a wide range for interpretation and frequently the scores were widely separated. Judging for the October 2001 Competition was within the range of 0.5-2.0 except in the case of two exhibitors

5. There is now a consistency to the rules and regulations and the interpretation of the rules. Criteria for the awarding of numeral scores for weak, adequate, and strong presentations have been developed. The newly designed score sheet used by both judges effectively addresses the relationship of the technical aspects to the creative and the artistic.

6. The new score sheet creates the checks and balances necessary to maintain the high standards CFF has set.

The Board believes the awarding of titles will strengthen the sport of Canine Freestyle.

Titles will be awarded in regular classes only. Single handler and dog(s) and multiple handler and dog teams are eligible. Regular classes are Levels I, II, III, and IV. Titles offered will be:


CFF will award title recipients a certificate and a paw print to be added to the dog's level patch.

Exhibiting team(s) must receive a combined judges score of 65 or better at one (1) competition. Placement (1st through 4th) is not required.

Except in Level IV, once a title has been awarded the team must move up to the next level or show in non-regular classes.

If a team at Level IV receives a score of 80 or better at three (3) separate trials (to include your first score) they will earn the title Champion Freestyle Dog and the team would add CH.CFF IV after the dog's name.

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