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Freestyle DogWork, the official training technique of the Canine Freestyle Federation, will change your perceptions about training.  This training technique has successfully prepared teams in the discipline of Canine Freestyle in the Sport of Dogs for over twenty years.Elaine and Rhyme

There are four trainable skills in Canine Freestyle; DogWork addresses each:

Everything you will need to teach, train or compete in this discipline can be found on this site. DogWork is an exceptional training technique.  Each team creates their own unique test artistry and creativity.  This technique has successfully trained exhibiters for over twenty years.  As creator of Freestyle DogWork and the founder of our sport, I am proud to bring you the Learning  Resource Center.  Inside you will find articles, teaching  syllabus for levels I-IV, technical execution videos, creative improvs and studies.  Please enjoy your training journey and connect with others on our forum to discuss your training experiences.

Joan Tennille 2014


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