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Access and Cost

How much does access to the CFF Performance Learning Center e-training site cost?

  • Access to the lesson plans, video and articles is $35.00 for 2011.
  • Access and associated charges after 2011 are being reviewed by the board and will be announced later in 2011.
  • The site access is also restricted to agreement of the End User License Agreement (EULA). View the EULA (pdf).
Will I have to renew my access to the CFF Performance Learning Center e-training site every year?
  • The plan is to update the site annually.
  • If we do not do any updates for a particular year, we will continue to allow members access, without asking for a renewal fee for that year.

Who can have access to the site?

  • You must be a member of CFF to sign-up for access to the on-line training site. 
Can I share my password with other people?
  • You may not share your password. As a subscriber you have signed a legal agreement not to share your password with anyone else.  
How do I cancel my subscription to the on-line training site?
  •  Contact Brenda Clymire ( to cancel your access to the on-line training site.
  • There are no refunds if you decide you no longer want access to the on-line training site.



Am I allowed to print, copy, and distribute the materials from the CFF Performance Learning Center e-training site to my students, friends, or other dog training professionals?

  • The CFF Performance Learning Center e-training site and all associated materials exist to support the education and training of CFF members. All material (including but not limited to articles, web pages, videos, diagrams, photographs, formatting, the database, etc.) on this website are owned by CFF and copyright protected.
  • As a subscriber to the CFF Performance Learning Center e-training site, CFF authorizes you to view this site, or download a single copy of the content provided that you keep intact all copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices.
  • Users may not reprint, reproduce, republish, redistribute, or resell any of this material in a machine readable or any digital format (e.g., email, word processing software, web pages, web forums, web groups, etc.), or any other form without explicit, written permission from the CFF board. If permission is granted, "Copyright by CFF" must appear at the bottom of all copies.
  • The only exception to this is the handler questionnaire, which may be printed, copied and handed out to your students. "Copyright by CFF" must appear at the bottom of all copies. 
Is it possible to get a printed version of the materials? 
  • CFF does not have a printed version of the materials available at this time. 



Who created the content of this book?

  • Please see "About this Site".

Is the "canine freestyle" discussed in this book applicable to other forms of canine freestyle?

  • Canine freestyle, as used in the content of this on-line training site refers to Canine Freestyle Federation (CFF) "canine freestyle". Therefore, anytime "canine freestyle" is used, it can be read as "CFF canine freestyle".   

CFF canine freestyle is new to me and I am having trouble understanding the information presented here. Where can I go for additional help?

  • CFF canine freestyle is not like other dogs sports, where reading the rules and teaching the technical behaviors is enough. Canine freestyle requires teamwork, harmony, and mutual respect, just as dressage, synchronized swimming, ice skating, basketball and football, etc.. There is a team relationship that once learned, along with other aspects of canine freestyle, will enable the handler to produce the magic of an impressive routine.
  • CFF understands that learning canine freestyle takes time and effort.
  • Thus, to help supplement the lessons the following options are available depending on mentor availability:
    • Ask questions on "The Forum"
    • Ask for written feedback of your choreography submitted on a DVD to CFF
    • Host and/or attend a 1- or 2-day CFF freestyle seminar
    • Consider attending the CFF retreat, held every 2 years
  • See the Resource Page for details of the above options, and associated costs.

Gender:  why is his/her, etc., used interchangeably? 

  • Use of his/her-please note that his/her and handler/student are used interchangeably for the purposes of writing and do not refer to any specific gender of person or dog.
Why was this medium chosen instead of a hard copy book and video?
  • The web was chosen as a medium for our classes as it allows the instructors and students an integrated approach to learning CFF canine freestyle. Short video clips, and extra reading material are integrated into each lesson.
  • In addition, this allows CFF to update the site in real time, with obvious benefits to both CFF and students.
  • Finally, it allows all students a way to go back to each lesson, and associated materials to review during the week, to ensure continued learning of the material between lessons. 

What happens if the CFF Performance Learning Center e-training site experiences technical difficulties with the site, software, hosting site, etc.?

  • In the world of the web, technical difficulties will happen with either our site, the software behind the content, hosting site, etc.. We are not responsible for these technical difficulties and the impact to you the subscriber. CFF will make every effort to get the on-line training site back "on-line", as quickly as possible. There are no refunds if technical difficulties happen regardless of the time the site is down.
My training site is not web enabled, e.g., wireless, and I would like to show my students the videos. What do I do?
  • Currently, the videos are not available on DVD. The best way for students to view the videos, is for each student to subscribe to the site. This allows the student to have full access to the lessons and video during the week as they practice and review the materials presented in class. It is an excellent resource.   
Will this site be updated?
  • Yes. The Canine Freestyle Federation, a not-for-profit business, and completely volunteer-based, is responsible for this site. It is CFF's intention to update the site from time to time. 

Why is there an additional log-in for the CFF Performance Learning Center e-training site?

  • The reason is because access to the membership site and CFF Performance Learning Center e-training site are 2 separate subscriptions (one is the membership, and the other is the CFF Performance Learning Center e-training site).


"What do I do if" Questions

I lose my password and user ID?

I find text errors?

I want to comment about this site or its contents?

  • Please go to the CFF Forum, if you would like to comment, ask questions, recommend any changes, etc., to and/or about this site and its contents.
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