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Canine Freestyle Federation Titling Event
Hosted by Gold Coast Freestyle Guild

December 6, 2008
Napa Valley Dog Training Club
68 Coombs Rd.
Napa, CA

What a weekend.  Many many thanks to the competitors for sharing their dogs with all of us.  Thank you to the judges, Gaea  Mitchel and Julia Gregory who did such a fine job your time and effort is greatly appreciated.  e.

The Placements and the Awarding of titles were as follows:I

Level I Brace
First Place Kamrin MacKnight’s Japanese KaiKen Tenshi’s Sumi of Minimeadow, TD-AMBOR, TD-ASCA and Shiba Inu Take, CD, RA, TD, TDX TD-ASCA, CFFII

Level I
First Place Linda Wendorff’s Pomeranian Buffy NEW TITLE
Second Place Jennifer Underwood’s Rhodesian Ridgeback DC Freland’s Run Beyond the Limit, SC, RE,  CDX, AX, MXJ
Third Place Pamela Tobin’s Great Pyrenees Mont Solei’s Antares Moon on a Wing and a Prayer
Fourth Place Kathleen Liccardo’s Javahill’s Boy Scout

Level II Brace
First Place Kathleen Hinds’ Borzoi Stormy and Borzoi River

First Place Cynthia Ellis’ Schnauzer Lindsey Lady of Sunshine NEW TITLE
Second Place Leanne Neueld’s Golden Retriever Henry
Third Place Deborah Crain’s Australian Cattle Dog Maha’s Regalo del Ocho de Mayo
Fourth Place Varge Leonis’ Pembroke Corgi Rosewood Y Radar, CD, RE TDX

First Place Chris Bond’s Mixed breed Spryte NEW TITLE

First Place Judy Gamet’s Rottweiler Highland Anabelle Mon Ami CFFII NEW TITLE 
Second Place Kamrin MacKnight’s Shiba Inu Take, CD, RA, TDX, ASCA-TD; CFF II 
Third Place Judy Gamet’s Rottweiler Meadowoods Jean-Luc v Seagawn Bh, TDX

First Place Barbara Simpson’s Australian Shepherd Five-Star Fargo, CD RAE, TT

/Presented for Exhibition Only
Chris Bond’s Border Collie Ghostland Magic in Motions
Laurie Rubin’s Australian Shepherd Ebbtide Fennel Hll
Linda Wendorff’s Pomeranian Smokey

Chris Bond’s Mixed breed Spryte


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