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One of the benefits of membership in The Canine Freestyle Federation is the invitation to subscribe and join The Learning Center.  The heart of the original Freestyle is in the rhythm of the dog's movement. The "Rhythm of my Heart" focus is the keystone of the original freestyle created by Joan Tennille in October, 1993.  Over the ensuing years she has developed a unique training discipline, Freestyle DogWork.  The method uses operant conditioning with positive rewards and incorporates the essentials of movement technically executed, relative to reference positions, artistically expressed performance skills and crafting choreography with music to enhance the dog as the focus IN THE ORIGINAL CANINE FREESTYLE.  All the essentials necessary to celebrate dog work competitively and to earn titles and awards are included.  Everything one needs to successfully participate in freestyle events is organized in the Center including creative and artistic possibilities for introductory, novice and advanced  level work.greyhound with handler

The objective of freestyle is to express in an artistic and creative manner what the dog does best.  Every training experience becomes an integral part of the journey as a working and training entity.  Each journey and team is unique.  Freestyle Presentations are the ultimate training test for dog and human teams.  It is the choice of the human team member to determine when and what illustrates the final training level.  It is always a choice and only you the human can set the boundary.   As a resource and a training guide, movement material uses concepts as tools to choreograph performance vehicles.  The choreographed Presentations are tests to be judged before others.   Movement, as language is also a medium of expression to artistically communicate information non-verbally to spectators.    When music is add as a time relationship, it is transformed with the choreographed movement rhythmically to create a new unity.   The magic of freestyle is the invitation to spectators to be involved visually, mentally and kinesthetically in the team's journey and to experience the wonder and delight of their working relationship as a team.  This is the nature and the diversity of our sport expressed artistically and creatively to others through movement.   

Come and Joinwhere movement is a language and a medium to be used creatively and artistically.  Subscription to the Learning Center for Federation members is $35.00.
Let us help you to find the joy of training and the delight of working with a canine partner.      


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