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The CFF Performance Stage is a showcase of CFF presentations performed at the 4 different levels of competition. The performances may include Individual Dog and/or Multiple Dog Divisions. The Multiple Dog Division includes Team, (two or more handlers each with a single dog), and Brace (one handler with two dogs). Click here to read an overview of the definition of each level of competition

Find a good seat in the front row. Enjoy the presentations of these amazing teams! Each presentation illustrates the wonders and unique qualities of each dog and handler team. Note, the joy and delight the dog and the handler have in working and training together. Check back often, we will periodically change and update the performances..

Ch Starbright Once Upon a Time (new)
Breed: Belgian Tervuren
Call Name:Rhyme
Owner: Elaine Smith-Nabors
View full video performance

Single Dog

Emma Louise (new)
Breed: Chihuahua
Call Name: Emma
Owner: Beth Berry
View full video performance
View Mac version (mp4)


Kenro's Zesty Ziva David (new)|
reed: Giant Schnauzer
Call Name: Ziva
Owner: Leonor Kasten

Lanbur Rosies are Red (new)
Breed: Beagle
Call Name: Rosie
Owner: Marilyn Hulme
View full video performance
View Mac version (mp4)

OTCH Rapideye's Ragin KaJen (new)
Breed: Border Collie
Owner: Rickie Morrison
View full video performance

View Mac version (mp4)

Single Dog

CH Roi'l C'est L Vie (new)
Breed: Cavalier

Owner: Dee Wallis
View full video performance

View Mac version (mp4)
Flash Video


Datawelsh Everlasting Cash
Breed: Welsh Terrier
Call Name: Nicolas
Owner: Janet McBrien

Radiant’s Zig U Can Zag
Breed: Border Collie
Call Name: Ziggy
Owner: Renee Filep
View photo and full video performance


Wildrose Marquis Secret
Breed:Shetland Sheepdog
Owner: Fay Taylor

Mills Lady Elizabeth
Breed: Manchester Terrier
Owner: Fay Taylor
View photo and full video performance

Casia's Arctic Blue Conquest (new)
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Owner: Sandra Dehoux
View full video performance

View Mac version (mp4)

Captain Jake Boots
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Call Name: Jake
Owner: Robin Carneal

Long Valley Godzilla
Breed: Norwick Terrier
Call Name: Zilly
Owner: Joanie Brobst

Cyclone Victorious Glorious
Breed:Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Call Name: Tory
Owner: Brandy Clymire

Mijenna Windtalker Codey
Breed:Miniature Poodle
Call Name: Codey
Owner: Anne White

View photo and full video performance






















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