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From the first choreographed routines by Joan Tennille, in 1993 to the present, CFF teams continue to present the wonders of the dog.  Each Hall of Fame Dog is unique. Together with their handlers, the dogs have moved our sport and our organization forward. They were innovators and as pioneers they changed our perceptions of training and dog work.  These teams did not imitate: they invented and imagined. They asked the question “what if” and created choreography to focus on the dog’s attributes in a creative and artistic manner.      
Together they set standards for our discipline and by their performances they moved our sport and organization forward.  CFF’s Hall of Fame is a visible history of our Sport.  Each freestyle performance expresses the joy of the team’s relationship and focuses on the delight the dog and handler have in working and training together.  Performance of their choreography effectively draws spectators into the team’s “Celebration of Dog Work” and showcases the uniqueness of each trained dog. The power of each presentation is the consistency of the oneness of their teamwork and the depth of their relationship. This is the essence of Canine Freestyle and a goal of our training discipline. It is the trademark of CFF presentations.

To be considered for the CFF Hall of Fame, any CFF member, in good standing, may submit a letter to the CFF Board nominating a specific dog and handler for recognition.  The letter should include a list of accomplishments focusing on the promotion of Canine Freestyle as a training discipline and as a competitive event.  The list should include activities the team has developed and/or participated in that continued to develop the vision of CFF as a discipline in the sport of dogs.


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