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Written by Joan Tennille

Each Hall of Fame dog has brought something special to Canine Freestyle as a discipline in the Sport of Dogs. Each of these dogs have illustrated their commitment to training and expressing their delight and joy in the oneness of the relationship with their partners. Yahtzee is no exception. He has consistently shown his skill in developing and creating choreography and aiding in the musical choice. He definitely knows what he doesn't like.

Zee when good is very good; when bad he is very bad. In his own way he challenged all of us to reevaluate how we train, choreograph and perform. In his own unique way he made us find a new and/or different approach to training and performing. He caused all to look at the layers of our work. He challenged us to use invention and imagination as a communication in training and creativity. The result was to enable his partner and their classmates to transcend the virtuosity of a technical skill and to perform by using movement as a language and a medium for creativity. Thank you, Zee, for leading us forward to the next layer of Canine Freestyle.

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