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Enrich Your DogWork in Surprising Ways!

Trish Koontz and Boone
Photo: Trish Koontz
Trish Koontz, Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild What is this thing about RHYTHM that's so important to our sport? Hmmm... Try to really soften your focus while you watch this video. Use all of your senses to see, hear, feel, taste, smell the rhythms! How many meshing rhythms can you perceive with ALL of your senses?…
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The Birth of Teamwork

Gaea with Second Freestyle Partner, PeliAnn
Photo: Tom Wiegand
by Gaea Mitchel, Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild Recently I have heard several Federation friends voicing concern that, trying to start again with a new dog, they are not feeling a connection.  Some question the dog’s aptitude for the sport, some feel the dog is unmotivated, still others doubt their ability to choreograph or perform, fearing…
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Rosie’s World

by Rosie, the Beagle (First Florida Freestylers Guild, FL) Wow, this is my first article as an official blogger. I did some research by reading the newspaper that mom put in the bottom of my crate (I’m a big girl now so I don’t pee on it anymore). All the writers who had bylines had…
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