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Using Targeting for Backing and Laterals

Shari & Jace
by Shari (Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild, NC) Primarily I use capturing and free-shaping for teaching Jace’s freestyle behaviors. However, with backing and lateral movements Jace often offers these behaviors with such enthusiasm that he ends up going every which way. I am having difficulty getting him to perform these movements consistently and in one of…
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Creating A Sport

by Joan Tennille, Founder Canine Freestyle Federation It has been 20 plus years since I choreographed the original Presentations to illustrate a new discipline, in the Sport of Dogs. My objective, then and now, is to showcase the team's training and the resulting team relationship. To develop a program where learning is a joyful surprise…
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Cinda & Bandit at a Titling Event
Photo: Dog Sport Photographers
by Cinda (Sirius Guild, VA) Welcome to our Federation Blog Page A place to share with one another our knowledge, experiences, and stories and why we are so passionate about this wonderful sport we call canine freestyle; to inspire one another with new or creative ideas; and to feel connected with one another across the miles.…
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