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CanineFreestyle Dogwork®

Photo: Dogsport Photographers
by Joan Tennille CanineFreestyle DogWork® is a discipline in the Sport of Dogs. Teams train movement in 3 reference positions: * Heel and thunder on the right and left sides (see below) Movement in CanineFreestyle DogWork ® is defined as: * The dog's movement enhanced by the human's movement * In a team relationship *…
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Movement, the Language of CanineFreestyle DogWork©

Photo by Jim Poor
by Joan Tennille The objective of CanineFreestyle DogWork® is to show the dog to his best advantage in a creative and artistic manner. The emphasis is on the team's training in movement and the artistic expression of the unique behavior that develops when working and training as one. CanineFreestyle DogWork®, as a competitive discipline in the…
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Show Me Something Different

Shari and Jace
Photo by The Dog Sport Photographers
by Shari Bryant, North Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild CanineFreestyle DogWork® is about being creative and letting your dog be an equal part of the team. I used lure and reward to teach behaviors to my previous dogs. It worked well, but it did not allow them to be a full partner in developing their freestyle…
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Enrich Your DogWork in Surprising Ways!

Trish Koontz and Boone
Photo: Trish Koontz
Trish Koontz, Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild What is this thing about RHYTHM that's so important to our sport? Hmmm... Try to really soften your focus while you watch this video. Use all of your senses to see, hear, feel, taste, smell the rhythms! How many meshing rhythms can you perceive with ALL of your senses?…
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