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Back It Up – Teach Your Dog to Back

Sally and Fli
By Sally Gordon First Florida Freestylers Guild Fli in a narrow "hallway" Teach your dog to back up without luring, physically touching or putting pressure in his space. All you need is a dog “hallway”. I taught my 2-year-old border collie Fli how to back up when he was 7 months old using this method.…
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Why I Train My Dog

Ann with her dogs (L-R) Aidan, Doodle, & Lacy. Photo by Wendy Keighley, CFF Member
by Ann Holder, First Florida Freestylers Guild I train my dog because I want a well-mannered pet that can go places with me and behave in a predictably acceptable way around unfamiliar people and animals. Training my pet offers mental stimulation for my dog and develops a better line of communication between us. When we…
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Using Targeting for Backing and Laterals

Shari & Jace
by Shari (Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild, NC) Primarily I use capturing and free-shaping for teaching Jace’s freestyle behaviors. However, with backing and lateral movements Jace often offers these behaviors with such enthusiasm that he ends up going every which way. I am having difficulty getting him to perform these movements consistently and in one of…
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